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Marc is your guy.

Working with Marc is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. A knowledgeable and personable trainer, he is passionate about helping you live your best life in all aspects. Thanks to his systematic and encouraging approach, I’ve gained size on the outside and a more positive view of myself on the inside.

Prior to training with Marc, I had suffered seven shoulder dislocations over the course of many years. He designed workouts that both accommodated this vulnerability and stabilized the affected area.

After a recent surgery to repair the shoulder, I’m steadily regaining strength and range of motion. I’m excited for what’s to come!

If you’re looking for a trainer who will push you to be your best and support you every step of the way, Marc is your guy.

Colin Redekop

He is one of the most knowledgeable and committed trainers around

I’ve been training with Marc for almost 1 year now and believe he is one of the most knowledgeable and committed trainers around. With his help, I achieved my goal of putting on weight and gaining strength. I have gained 20lbs+, and my strength has more than doubled. Marc has helped me grow by giving me the proper knowledge in diet, training, and recovery.

Casey Yuen
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Marc has the commitment, background, and knowledge to help you attain your goals.

I am writing to endorse Marc as a personal trainer. He has proven to be very capable in this role, and I welcome the opportunity to provide a positive influence and encourage people of all ages to attain healthier lifestyles.

Marc is efficient and effective in his professional role and still makes time to engage with his clients. He expresses a genuine interest in how they are doing with their personal goals and lifestyle changes.

Marc’s interpersonal skills are excellent, and his sincerity and commitment to his profession make him a joy to work with. Whether you are bulking up, slimming down, looking for strength training, or just improving your health, Marc has the commitment, background, and knowledge to help you attain your goals.

I began training in December 2020, and since then, I have rapidly improved my nutrition, strength, and overall general fitness.
Marc understands both the science of personal training and the science of motivation.

No matter what your fitness goals are, I am certain Marc will be able to get you there.

Thank you!

Tracy Hupp
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He is extremely committed to his client's personal goals and checks in on a weekly basis

I started training with Marc during COVID when the gyms were closed. During our 2+ years of training together, he provided me with comprehensive knowledge on form, building an effective program, diet, and cutting/bulking. He is extremely committed to his client’s personal goals and checks in on a weekly basis. I would highly recommend Marc to anyone who has been struggling to meet or stay committed to their fitness goals.

Theresa Phair
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I can honestly say he was great

I trained with Marc for about 2 months, and I can honestly say he was great. I have worked with personal trainers in the past, but I really appreciated that Marc was knowledgeable, took into account my old injuries and physical limitations, and was also personable and fun to work with. I like that he focused on some fundamentals first, building up strength gradually so I was not constantly sore after workouts and really focusing on technique. I definitely saw some great results, my back pain has greatly been reduced, my shoulder mobility has improved, and I have learned a lot from him, which makes me confident to continue my workouts on my own.

Michelle Poisson
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Marc is an amazing trainer, support, motivator & backbone.

Throughout my life, I have struggled with feeling confident in my own skin, and the gym was a scary place for me. With Marc’s help, I have been able to improve not only the way I view myself but also the way I feel about walking into the gym with confidence. Over the last year, he has pushed me in ways I didn’t even know I had in me, and he showed me that I really could be the change I needed for myself – not only physically but also mentally. Marc created programs that expanded my horizons in the best way possible, helped me work on my form & held me accountable for the changes I wanted to see. Over the last year, my body has transformed into something amazing thanks to the encouragement and motivation of Marc. It isn’t always easy to commit to something when it gets challenging, but Marc was there to support me the whole time. He always reminded me of my goals and why I was doing this. Without him, I would still be stuck in the rut of being scared of the gym & not pushing myself outside of the box. Marc is an amazing trainer, support, motivator & backbone. Thank you, Marc! Without you, I would not feel the happiest I have ever felt about myself & having the gym as the favourite part of my day.

Hayly Soares
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It’s worth every penny, and Marc is your guy

Marc has been my personal fitness trainer for several months now and has impressed me in the following ways:

  • I transitioned seamlessly from my previous trainer.
  • Is a knowledgeable, competent, and purposeful fitness trainer.
  • It is fun to train with and engaging.
  • Creates an appropriate program for my age and capability while continuously pushing me to improve.

I highly recommend Marc to anyone wanting to improve their strength and fitness. I cannot express strongly enough how important getting professional guidance is if you want to truly benefit from working out. It’s worth every penny, and Marc is your guy.

I look forward to every workout session and feel wonderful afterward.

Thomas Fuechtwanger
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Marc built me a solid plan, and I’m feeling strong and confident again in the gym.

I had taken an 18-month hiatus from the gym and needed help getting back into it. Marc built me a solid plan, and I’m feeling strong and confident again in the gym. I know the results I’ve seen wouldn’t have been the same without his motivation and expertise! Marc built workout plans based on my personal fitness goals and ensured I had the proper technique to achieve maximum results! He loves what he does, and it’s great working with him. Thank you, Marc.

Alison Cysouw
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Very professional and demonstrates a vast wealth of knowledge

Marc is very professional and demonstrates a vast wealth of knowledge when it come to personal training. Over the past 12 months of training with Marc I have improved in all aspects of my exercise: technical skills, coordination, strength and muscle. I would highly recommend Marc as a personal trainer if you’re looking to take you health and fitness to the next level.

Adam N.
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he is very personable, and is a joy to train with.

I have been involved with gym training for over 3 years. For the first 6 months,  I had a coach, who unfortunately resigned.  Then when I was asked who could I get to replace my last coach, I suggested Marc, as he was training with my previous coach.  Since I have been coached by Marc, I have felt better and have more energy.  I am coming to my 70th birthday,  and I have been able to continue my workouts without a coach, thanks to Marc. I am more confident in myself and what I can do to keep myself healthy, and by myself (with the assistance of a training program, which Marc arranged).

I would recommend that Marc is capable of training anyone who wishes to improve, as he is very personable, and is a joy to train with.

Kathy Chorneyko

You couldn’t ask for a better personal trainer than Marc. He was understanding and encouraging every session. He not only focused on physical health, but mental health, nutrition, and sleep were other big areas that were important to him and helped guide me to improve in all of them. We worked a lot on technique and safe lifting, which is so important for getting comfortable in the gym, and Marc did a fantastic job making me feel comfortable using pretty much any gym equipment at its best. Again Marc did a great job of helping me with my goals, not only aesthetics but by helping improve my physical ability in the sports I like to play, such as volleyball. He was fantastic at helping me work on my muscle imbalances and instabilities so that I felt strong when I lifted heavier weights. So overall, I felt very well-rounded by the end of my personal training sessions. Lastly, I was also very interested in learning how to build my own program, so Marc taught me how to build one top to bottom each week and how to see the best results in a timeline! Personal training with Marc pushed me to my full abilities and proved that I am capable and confident! I highly recommend Marc to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer!

Sophia Lederhos
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He helped me safely lose over 70 pounds

Marc is an excellent personal trainer! He helped me safely lose over 70 pounds. He customized all my workouts to accommodate a severe knee injury, taking me from overweight and sedentary to strong and fit. He listens to what I want to achieve and then pushes me further than I ever thought imaginable. Even my doctors can’t believe how far I’ve come.

He is professional and has an extensive depth of knowledge that is well-researched. I learn something new every single workout. He is a role model in continually improving and focusing on all the pillars of fitness, not just strength training. He listens to what I want to achieve, taking me further past my goals. I am certain that I would not have gotten to this point without his expertise and guidance.

He keeps the workouts fresh, fun, and focused. You can’t find a better Personal Trainer in Calgary.

Corinne Ward
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